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Ephesus tours , ephesus daily tours

Le 13 February 2015, 05:22 dans Humeurs 0

After a very nice plane ride from Istanbul with Turkish Airlines we have the airport. We went 4-star boutique hotel located in the old city Istanbul Private airport transfer. We got up early in the morning and a nice breakfast after our tour guide we met in front of the Topkapi palace. Private tours istanbul and we joined our tour guide told us very detailed information about Istanbul. Istanbul Istanbul was the capital of many civilizations lived first time the Roman Empire. Later, after the capital city of Edirne, which ephesus tours , ephesus daily tours in 1453 became the capital Istanbul. Conquering Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet and was initially surrounded by a very large and very thick walls and around Istanbul Istanbul was a town very sheltered. Topkapi palace starting over Hagia Sophia was a garden dating back to the coast. first made a huge stonework main entrance and then there are 3 different ways and is used by the middle path sultan. The garden is decorated with a variety of flowers and trees. Sultan Mehmet the first time as a pavilion made of Baghdad and has increased the number of times the mansion.


Has had the room, and this is particularly the Ottoman sultans and viziers 12 central state administration. We went here Sultan Harem and the family, and women living in mansions, and many have occurred if the room has a pool and garden. Enderun school and here is where the sultan had children together with ottoman empire trained intelligent children. On the right side of the palace of ephesus tours Sultan dinner spoons made of gold, green and blue-colored porcelain goods, china and cutlery used while eating yemeklern where we had a very large boilers. The relics of the Prophet Mohammed that personal belongings and manuscripts of the Qur'an, which had old history. Particularly the world's biggest diamond and gold with diamond Kasikci made of emerald and ruby silver and precious stone jewelery Ottoman treasures are exhibited here. Topkapi palace had a very nice bosphorus istanbul old city and sea views. Topkapi palace we went to Spice Bazaar in Eminonu square foot spices, fruit teas and coffees here are very nice desserts and confectionery delights are sold.

Troy Tours in Holiday

Le 9 February 2015, 15:42 dans Humeurs 0

We went to a special class hotel which is the old city Canakkale Troy Tours. Canakklal trabzon tours to OldCity consists of two-storey houses built by Ottoman architecture bay. The hotel had a great view of the sea and the bosphorus. We got up early in the morning we met our guide and tour with the hotel lobby and private tours we attended Troy. We went to Troy the first caravanserai with our early morning tour guide. The place serves as the Arasta Bazaar. especially where women are made of leather garments and gentlemen Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops selling works. We have approximately Troy open-air museum with a private car 30 minutes with our tour guide. Troy open air museum spread over a wide area and are very large excavation and restoration work since 1980. Our tour guide told us a lot more about Troy. Troy has experienced numerous civilizations and time in the last layer is made of very beautiful ancient Greek and Roman empires. Regarding the movie Troy Troy has played Brad Pitt in 2002 and used at the Troy film sculptures are exhibited in Canakkale city center. Troy Troy King in the last layer is very spacious and large ones were just across the road and is a very nice single storey building in Troy Temple. I had made a very special concert and theater shows and exhibition center. Finally, the statue stored at Troy in Troy Hemeros ileum is described in the epic soldiers secretly enters the castle gate and the winning side of the war happen. Very special and charming ancient city edirne tours of Troy and is protected by UNESCO place. There is a castle 90 meters wide in the first layer.

Pamukkale Hirepolis Tours

Le 1 February 2015, 08:20 dans Humeurs 0

We went to the seaside special 4-star pamukkale tours hotel in Denizli. The hotel had a very large and spacious room. We get up early in the morning and a nice breakfast after we joined our tour guide Private tours with Pamukkale. first we went to pamukkale caravanserai and it's so beautiful here Aras after renovation and restoration serves as bazaar. Here shops selling works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs. Made of leather with a wide variety of colors and patterns for men and women with clothes Coat Jacket is satılmakatd model. Finally, hand-woven silk and wool carpets and rugs are sold here. Then we went to Pamukkale open air museum tour with our guide and this is spread over a very large area and is made excavation since 1980. Pamukkale museum at the time of ancient Greece and the Roman daily cappadocia tours , istanbul tours Empire made goods and tomb sculptures are exhibited here. Pamukkale has experienced many historic civilization and culture private istanbul tours , cappadocia tours


We went first to Pamukkale Clopatr ancient pool and this time made the ancient Roman Empire The columns are decorated with marble. Clopatr ancient healing pool with water temperature of 20-25 degrees with a thermal pool. Clopatr this place is used as a beauty and health center. Had a very nice view from Pamukkale Pamukkale highest point and where they served us tea and coffee. We went in Pamukkale Cotton castle. this place is like a mountain or castle made of cotton. The cooling of the hot water flowing from the mountains are white and soft as cotton soil after evaporation, and is composed of the Pamukkale. It is forbidden to walk with shoes in Pamukkale. Finally we went to the ancient city is the Hirepolis here is very nice and a real ancient Greek city. The time of the Roman Empire were made. Here is a very nice stonework theater and performance center with a capacity of 10,000 people made. Theater and performance center private istanbul tours , cappadocia tours had a very nice acoustic sound light system daily cappadocia tours ,  cappadocia tours

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